Melodism is a collection of tonal sound design and hybrid instruments built for film scoring and cinematic music.

  • 64 melodic instruments
  • leads, plucks, pads and uncategorized custom instruments
  • up to 5 round robins
  • over 4.4 GB of contents

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Melodism is a collection of tonal instruments created mostly for my scores and albums, including "Stories" and "The Journey". This library is built to share some signature sounds from these compositions. Packed into a simple yet functional Kontakt GUI, Melodism will instantly add zest to your tracks.

Melodism features all vital functions to shape the sample set: amplitude envelope controls, individual note settings, lowpass and highpass filters, distortion, delay and reverb, gate, glide/portamento and reverse. Thanks to its intuitivity and per-control hints, the interface will not distract you from your creative process.