Melodism is a collection of tonal sound design and hybrid instruments built for film scoring and cinematic music. 

  •  64 melodic instruments
  • leads, plucks, pads and custom instruments
  • up to 5 round robins
  • over 4.4 GB of contents
  • requires full version of NI Kontakt 5.8.0+

Melodism is a collection of tonal instruments created by composer Sergey Zubarev mostly for his scores and albums, including “Stories” and “The Journey”. This library is built to share some signature sounds from these compositions. Packed into a simple yet functional Kontakt GUI, Melodism will instantly add zest to your tracks.


Melodism features all vital functions to shape the sample set: amplitude envelope controls, individual note settings, lowpass and highpass filters, distortion, delay and reverb, gate, glide/portamento and reverse. Thanks to its intuitivity and per-control hints, the interface will not distract you from your creative process.