AIM provides you with a vast collection of cinematic sound effects like hits, whooshes, risers and others with tools simplifying your workflow: hit point syncing, instant sound manglers and one-key rhythm builder.

  • 303 WAV samples
  • 1.21 GB of contents
  • hit point sync to DAW
  • 6 effects and easy sound gating
  • requires full Kontakt 5.8.0+

Outstanding Sound

Every sound in AIM is unique. Every hit, whoosh, riser or downer has strong sonic identity. Here you can find anything you may need: from soft and soaring textural transitions to aggressive, earth-shaking booms.

Smart Management

AIM provides smart sound management tools. With them you can identify the required samples with their names shown in the GUI, mark liked samples as favorite and find them quickly the next time, not even re-saving the patch. And of course, all samples are labeled with their core tempo and tonality.

Sync in One Click

The core function of AIM is syncing the “hit points” of samples to the host tempo. Enable the AIM function, set the desired time and press a key – and the sample will hit exactly in that time. Super convenient for transition samples. No dragging across the grid.

Instant Effects

AIM provides basic effects like filters, distortion and lo-fi. Besides, you can stretch the last played sample across 6 octaves to use it as a melodic instrument. And one more addition: you can use the Interruption Key to create any rhythmic passage instead of tiresome audio cutting procedures in the DAW.