Attractor is a comprehensive Kontakt library for the composers and producers of soundtracks, cinematic and trailer music. It is a wonderful inspiration and production tool. This sound pack includes all-new sound effects in multiple categories, such as hits, whooshes, drops, bends, alarms, tonal elements, pulses and much more.

  • 800+ effects
  • 500+ drum oneshots
  • 250+ rhythmic elements
  • 200+ melodic elements
  • modern cinematic and trailer sound design
  • functional and simple GUI
  • uncompressed WAV format for all samples
  • 5.7 GB of contents

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Attractor is all about new palettes and sonic colors. Bring truly new sound to your composition with energetic effects. Add emotions with unique melodic elements. Build the rhythm with pulses and drums. Designed with Instant Sonics team, Attractor is ready for all of it. Drag-and-drop uncompressed WAV files directly to your project or use the whole set of advanced functions of our custom GUI. We placed all contents within 5 Kontakt instruments - each representing a separate category of samples. Search for the sound you need with an internal mini-browser and then do whatever you want. Adapt it with volume envelope and gate functions, stretch it in time with built-in TMPro mode switch or in pitch with Wide Range button. Reverse it. Apply multiple effects in your own order - all of them are interchangeable.

Create new masterpieces with Attractor!