End User License Agreement


This agreement between The Last Haven (hereinafter “the Developer”) and you (hereinafter “the User”) represents the conditions of the use of any product developed by The Last Haven ("the Product"). By purchasing and/or installing the Product the User confirms that he has read this agreement, understands its terms and conditions and agrees to them. The agreement becomes effective since the moment of purchase and/or installation of the Product in any form. Unlicensed use is forbidden.

The Product is licensed, but not sold only to an individual User. The Product and all of its components, including, but not limited to, audio content, texts, graphic content, scripts, code, is a property of the Developer and remains to be such property after licensing. This license grants to the User the right to use any of the audio content and additional functions of the Product in commercial and non-commercial audio projects including music, sound design, audiovisual projects, film or videogame scores without any additional fees or providing source attribution to the Developer. The User is allowed to install the Product on any equipment only if he is the sole owner and the only user of this particular equipment. All copies of the Product are subject to the limitations of this license.

This license expressly forbids using the Product by any means for developing any kind of software or hardware instruments, synthesizer presets, sound banks, sample packs or sample libraries. This license also forbids transfer, resale and redistribution of the Product and/or its components by any means without a written consent of the Developer. This license can neither be transferred without such consent. Purchased and/or installed Product can not be returned, and the Developer does not provide refunds. The Developer does not hold any responsibility for direct or indirect loss, harm, damage and/or any consequences of use of the Product.