Hybrid Scoring Bundle

“Hybrid Scoring Bundle” is a large collection of hybrid scoring tools.

“Hybrid Fluids Vol.1” is an extensive library of modern sound design elements. It contains a raft of effects and playable instruments, and they are accompanied with a massive synth-rendered Sinemacci orchestra. An expansion pack “Hybrid Fluids: Injection” complements "Hybrid Fluids Vol.1" with more agressive content and also delivers the sound categories that were not included in it. "Organiser" expansion pack brings you softer side of synths with melodic soaring sounds. In this library we have included a number of soaring risers, a bunch of airy textures and some random synth sounds, but the heart of it is 3 synthetic pianos and Breath Analog Ensemble. "Hybrid Fluids Vol.2" comes with another pack of dark, meaty and unnerving SFX created with both natural and synth soundsources.

"Hybrid Fluids: Pulses Anthology" contains over 500 cinematic pulses, rhythms and grooves, designed with a variety of sources - guitars, strings, woodwinds, pianos and synths and aimed at soundtracks and trailer music. "Atmo Fluids" consists of 48 static and pulsing hybrid pads and atmospheres.

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  • price: $496 $399 (20% discount);
  • definitive tools for hybrid scoring;
  • over 17 GB of sound content;
  • requires full retail version of NI Kontakt 5.6.5+ (not compatible with Kontakt Player);
  • requires approx. 35 GB free on harddrive to download and unpack libraries.

Included Libraries

  • Hybrid Fluids Vol.1;
  • Hybrid Fluids Vol.2;
  • Hybrid Fluids: Injection;
  • Hybrid Fluids: Organiser;
  • Hybrid Fluids: Pulses Anthology;
  • Atmo Fluids.