Atmo Fluids

"Atmo Fluids" is the new part of "Synthesis" series by The Last Haven Productions. This library is designed to augment your compositions, to add an extra layer. It contains 2 sound cores. "Static" core gives you evolving atmospheric pads, and "Pulse" core distributes various rhythmic textures. All sounds in the library are controlled by tabs with 24 columns, so you can easily adjust volume, pan and tune of each source. "Atmo Fluids" also provides great opportunities for experimenting. Randomize full patch or its parts with Flow buttons, and you will instantly get unexpected, but really inspirating results! Moreover, it features custom Flow Engine with 8 effects and tools.

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  • 24 static and 24 pulse textures;
  • Flow fuctions for randomizing and resetting parameters;
  • Flow Engine 1.5 with 8 effects.
  • requires full retail version of NI Kontakt 5.5.0+;
  • requires 940 MB free on your harddrive.